Latest software news:

To update your software to the latest version (Child PIP v3.1), download and run Service Pack 3 (9MB) on your computer. Service pack 3 (SP3) contains Build 341 and Updates 311 to 359.

Click here for the latest build (build 341) and the latest update (.sql) files (311 to 359).

To successfully update your programme using SP3, you must have already installed the Child PIP v3 programme on your computer. If you have not done this or are still using Child PIP v2.0... 

Please contact your provincial co-ordinator to obtain a copy of the latest Child PIP  CD which contains the latest version of the programme as well as other useful resources!

For further assistance please consult: 

If you are unable to download SP3, you can download the latest build and updates individually. Right-click on the links above and save the files to C:/Program Files/chip or C:/Program Files/chip/Updates. You will need to unzip the build file and it will then replace your current build in your chip folder.


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